How Women Saved Civilization: Lollipop's Tale How Women Saved Civilization: Lollipop's Tale

How Women Saved Civilization: Lollipop's Tale

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    • $6.99

Publisher Description

Human civilization is in trouble. How come? The fault lies with some men, who have a genetic defect caused by eons of human evolution where strong men prone to violence were biologically selected because they were needed to protect women, children, and the tribe from enemies and wild animals.

Times have changed. Now minatory men like Putin and Kim, who seem hell-bent on causing wars that may lead to thermonuclear destruction, are no longer useful or needed. They are anachronistic. Civilization would be better off without them.

The solution is the return to women's values - peace, love, human care, free play, happiness, nourishment, service, altruism, empathy, succorance, environmentalism, and so forth - by removing men from power and establishing a world controlled by women. Lollipop's fictional tale tells us how she made all this come about.

Despite many difficulties, Lollipop and her friends, male and female, establish a new form of government called Women's World, where peace and prosperity reign and wars are completely out of the question. Women's World used existing biological techniques to engineer the bad traits out of the Y chromosome, creating a new form of non-violent man who knows how to work and play well with others.

In this exquisite titillative narrative, we explore complex notions about gender, power, and the consequences of scientific advances. How Women Saved Civilization is a manifesto that defines and underlines the salient problems of modern society and offers an alternative vision for the future while making for delightful and charmingly engaging reading.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Gregory V. Diehl
hr min
April 6
Identity Publications