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If you see life as your own one-act play and history as your story, you could be in for a rude awakening when the curtain finally closes on your tiny tale—and you discover that life wasn't all about you after all. The real story of life is God—I AM—the main character and true star of time and eternity. He is at center stage in all of Creation, and He wants you to know Him by name. Knowing I AM means celebrating your smallness in light of His greatness. Embrace the true meaning of life as you learn to work and rest in His power, spending your life for what lasts forever—the unending glory that is God's alone.

Religion & Spirituality
Louie Giglio
hr min
September 15
Oasis Audio

Customer Reviews

Ascend ,

Excellent Speaker, great book

I have seen Lou Giglio Speak before at the Youth Specialties Conferecnes so i figured this would be a good book and i was extremely right. This is a must read for anyone who needs an adjustment in their attitude.

MTNPod Roy ,

Good, Not Great

In I Am Not (please understand that I cannot underline the title), Louie Giglio took elements of his “Indescribable” sermon series, and expanded them in book form. While I am a fan of the sermons, I was not as impressed with the book. I thought Giglio went too far in detailing how small we are. I understand that this book is to correct people who think they are God's gift, but he beat us into submission with the knowledge. He did give us very good insight into how great God is, but by then, I was as spent as I am small.

I am working on giving this book another try. If you can stick out the small message, the rest of the book is very good for new Christians, or ones who want more information to make this important choice. Please understand that Louie Giglio is very good at what he does. I just did not like the repetitiveness of this particular message.

jwrussell4 ,


This is book is tremendous! It will challenge your thinking....and make you feel really small...

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