I Hate, I Bake, and I Don’t Date!: The Manhattan Svenssons, Book 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Yeah, my billionaire boss did it to me in his office twice in one day.

I even screamed when it happened. The whole office heard me.

No, not that.

He fired me.


Beck Svensson fired me right before rent was due and in the middle of a rainstorm. That’s why he’s at the top of my hate list, along with pickles, people who steal other people’s lunches out of the office fridge, and trying to fold a fitted sheet.

But you know what? It’s fine - totally fine. It’s freedom! I could do anything! I could start a bakery or farm the mushrooms growing in my soggy apartment carpet. Or I could just show up at the temp office at hate o’clock in the morning for a new assistant job.

I hope my new boss will be less of a buzzkill than the last.

Except guess who is waiting for me when I show up in the lobby of a swanky office building.

That’s right, Mr. Grumpy Boss himself.

Beck is appalled that I’m back in his life. Again.

I can tell he wants to fire me. Again.

Except now he has two little surprise sisters bouncing around him and no one to watch them except yours truly.

While I strongly dislike kids and actively hate my boss, I’m willing to abandon my principles for a big paycheck and a hefty expense account.

But when Beck needs me to pretend to be the love of his life to keep from losing his sisters, I’m not sure a big windfall is going to cut it.

After all, I bake, and I don’t date. Ever.

Besides, I hate Beck. No way am I pretending to be his girlfriend...but I love the little girls.

I also love the huge kitchen in Beck’s swanky penthouse that I claim as mine when I move in.

And I really love running my hands over his washboard abs and that thing he does with his tongue.

Wait! No! I hate it, totally absolutely hate it, right? Right?

This is a full-length enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy, complete with hot, snarly guys with hearts of gold, a heroine who you’ll want to be besties with, and a happily ever after better than a giant slice of chocolate cake! Though this is intended to be a stand-alone book, it does take place after the recently completed Svensson Brothers series.

Devon Grace, Tim Paige
hr min
October 8
Adair Lakes

Customer Reviews

Ladydove1 ,

Spoiler’s ahead!!!

** spoiler alert ** Ok. Here's the deal. I really like this story BUT I also have huge issues with a couple of things in it. Let's start with what I liked. The story was entertaining and enjoyable for the most part. The characters were easy to relate to and likeable with some exceptions. Holly and Maeve were supportive friends (also see what I didn't like below) to Tess. Beck and Tess were awesome. Once they both started actually talking to each other it seemed that they realized they had a lot more in common than they thought they did. The kids were wonderful and added to the story and the relationships. Tess was amazing with them and helped Beck to realize he was missing out. Beck's reaction to the school thing was understandable and the way he handled the situation was very good for a "new parent". Beck and Tess had great chemistry and wonderful banter. There was a lot of laughing done while reading this story. I liked how the story ended. Of course, I would have loved more but it was still a great ending.

What I didn't like is harder to explain and is (I'm sure) just an issue that I had and maybe not anyone else. Tess needed to have some major therapy (I feel) before even thinking about getting into a relationship. Holly and Maeve were supportive BUT I think they were TOO supportive. They seemed more like enablers. They constantly had her back and pushed her to do something and not just sit around waiting for something to happen. Holly and Maeve were also constantly encouraging her to eat or giving her food or talking about making food. This wouldn't be a big thing except that Tess has some SEVERE issues with food. She hides eating food (gets up and does it when people are asleep). She eats constantly and not in a little snack here and there but in the 3 plates of macaroni and cheese followed by a dozen cupcakes kind of eat. I have no idea how many times I was screaming at the book for her to stop putting food in her mouth. She gets drunk and buys stuff that she wanted when she was 13 but she can't afford it. She has a ton of debt that she is behind on and she can't even pay her portion of the rent on their cruddy apartment. The cruddy apartment is another thing - that much water should be reported to building management and if nothing is done there are further steps that can be taken (I'm sure!) no one should be living in a place where you have mushrooms growing out of your carpet and probably mold everywhere else.

Don't get me wrong, everyone has issues (and I know this isn't reality!) but it set me off. I really liked the story and the characters. The ending was great. I feel it would have been better without so much of the stuff I didn't like. I do recommend reading this book. Maybe you will like it more than I did. (I would have given this a 3.5 but you can't do half stars!

Listening to the audiobook was enjoyable. The narrators did a wonderful job of bringing the characters and the story to life. I recommend listening to this audiobook.