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Tucker Max graduated with high honors from the University of Chicago in 1998 and received an academic scholarship to Duke Law School, where he graduated in 2001, despite the fact that he spent part of one semester--while still enrolled in classes--living in Cancun. He took these degrees and set out to help the world--by drinking, hooking up, acting like an jerk, and then writing about it. The result, I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL, is a collection of first-person tales of sex, alcohol, and mayhem that transport the reader into Tucker's comical, perverse, and oftentimes surreal world. Tucker will admit that many of his antics are completely juvenile and without excuse, but he approaches the stories of his life with brutal honesty, sparing no one, especially not himself.

Tucker Max
hr min
October 3
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Guitar_tech92 ,

Laugh out loud

This book is laugh-out-loud The WHOLE way through funny, it makes you wish you cared about life as little as he does.

kimmykitty30 ,

Terrible Narrating

I must say that maybe if the narrator wasn't the author I might not of hated this book as much as I did. He deffinately is not a good speaker. Sometimes he talked so fast I could not understand what he was even talking about. The stories are VERY UNBELIEVABLE, but somewhat entertaining. I do not recommend buying this book when you have so much to choose from.. I guess if you are stranded on an island and you have no choice then you may like it otherwise, nah!

tschuett07 ,

To the haters...

Ok all of you haters out there posting reviews about this audiobook about how "disgusting" or "horrible" it is and telling people not to buy it... If you're not into this material, then why would you get it? Its called "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" what did you think you were going to get nursery rhymes? This guy is hilarious! You can be a hater just dont be JEALOUS! lol

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