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Hear the incredible and unbelievable-but-true story of Insane Clown Posse's journey from Detroit scrubs to underground icons in this long-awaited, unabridged audiobook of Violent J's best-selling memoir Behind the Paint! In this all new and updated version, Violent J reads his classic autobiography that stands as one of the most uncompromising and uncensored memoirs ever told! Featuring guest appearances from ICP's Shaggy 2 Dope and other guest stars, this is the story you've waited years to hear, direct from the mouth of Violent J himself!

Biographies & Memoirs
Violent J
hr min
October 24
Psychoapthic Records, Inc

Customer Reviews

Exactabox77 ,

A True Indepent Success Story

Hilarious, eye-opening, and even surprisingly moving at times, this is one of the most entertaining audiobooks I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. I bought the hardcover when it first came out (10 years ago), and lent it out to every musician friend I had. J's story is an inspiring one, and the message of, "you can achieve whatever you set out to do, as long as you're willing to put in the work" is a must-understand for anyone looking to build a successful, independent future.

If you've ever read the book, you MUST listen to the audiobook version! It honestly starts off a little wobbly, like it's taking a bit for J to get used to reading this stuff off of the page. Then he starts to go off-book. WAY, way, way off-book, and it's AMAZING. 10 years' worth of added perspective sparks a lot of laugh-out-loud hilarity, in addition to fascinating little tidbits for fans who think they've already heard it all. And when he does get back to the actual text, he's in a groove, and the book just sails along from there.

This thing is 24 HOURS long. There are moments where even J is like, "is anyone still listening to this thing?" And then he rewards the patient with some great, never-before-told anecdotes.

I first heard ICP in 1997, when "The Great Milenko" came out. I was in college, and it blew all of our minds. You might not have picked a bunch of late 90's indie/alternative kids to latch onto it, but it just hooked us. And it's kept me hooked ever since. I've seen them many times, and their show at The Electric Factory in 1999 on the Amazing Jeckel Brothers tour will go down as the most fun I've ever had at a concert. It was their last with Coal Chamber supporting, and THAT whole story is quite a listen!

Beyond the nuts-and-bolts tale of ICP's history, J has some surprisingly deep, and thoughtful moments here. The world really can be full of magic, if you choose to see it that way. And if you dare to dream something, and decide, as J puts it, that "failure is NOT an option," there's nothing you can't achieve.

An essential guidebook for any independent musician, fan of ICP, or anyone who's ever rooted for the underdog.

Huffman21 ,

Amazing story about adversity!!

This is by far the best audio book I’ve ever listened to. Violent J tells his story very well. There’s so much I learned about Violent J that I had no idea about. The man went through a lot during his childhood and really has lived a fascinating life. You learn a lot about how Insane Clown Posse started as a group and as you listen you develop an appreciation for them as people. I’ve been a fan for a very long time and I’m a even bigger fan now after learning more about them. I highly recommend this to any fans of ICP and I would recommend anyone who has ever been curious about who the Insane Clown Posse really are. Fantastic book!!

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