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Teams of dedicated, highly specialized soldiers trained to a higher standard than regular forces; an armamentarium of advanced weapons and tactics; a variety of exotic, critical assignments for the good of the nation; in short, the U.S. Special Forces seem tailor-made for Tom Clancy, progenitor of the techno-thriller. In this factual account written with General Carl Steiner (Ret.), a commander who held responsibility for all U.S. Special Operations forces across all service lines, we get special insight into a largely secretive community whose members do not talk about their work. We hear about it only afterwards—the Achille Lauro hijacking, the "takedown" of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, the efforts to find Aidid in Somalia.

Jonathan Marosz
hr min
February 8
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

GalacticaLover ,


Look, this is a fine history of the Special Forces, illustrated with vivid stories from the most important engagements of the last 70 years (through the writing of this book in 2002). All of that is good. It's real, so it's not terribly riveting or high in drama. For the most part, you know how these events turn out, so there's little surprise. It's a history as far as they can go. However, it is interesting to see what was supposed to happen or what could have happened. Instead, we get the frustrating parts, where lawyers and politicians, and journalists went out of their way to protect or cover for Commies and terrorists in battlefields and in public venues. The second most frustrating part is all of the military brass more interested in careers than our safety. The third most frustrating part is the repeated failure of men, machines, and equipment to get where they're supposed to be, when needed. Of course, this goes back to politicians putting bases or supplies in politically friendly locations, rather than appropriate-for-the-mission locations. Very frustrating.

EagleEye77 ,

Great book, rough listen

I love all of the stories presented in this book. The only drawback is the narrator. He speaks very clearly, and with an appropriate cadence, but has a somewhat nasal voice that tends to be very distracting.

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