Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life (Unabridged‪)‬

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Imagine. Believe. Achieve.

Many self-help books offer a lot of new age platitudes and sappy mantras:

Just love yourself.

See the glass as half full.

Believe it and it will come.

Really? That’s not how it works, and you know it. A lifetime’s worth of struggle is not overturned in a small moment of positive thinking. But if you have the right attitude—attitude and skills—you can and will accomplish anything and everything you want. This book gives you both, attitude and action. By its end you will have all the tools you need to change your life. No hype. No false promises.

You will learn to:
• Cultivate your passion and embrace your uniqueness to create a purpose-filled life . . .on your own terms.

• Transform your suffering into peace, wisdom, and strength.

• Work through fear, worry, shame, and negative self-talk to blast through obstacles and create self-confidence, self-esteem, and a healthy self-image.

• Take powerful, informed, deliberate actions to make your dreams a reality.

Forget surviving: it’s your time to thrive. You do have the ability and potential to achieve unlimited health, wealth, and happiness. Getting there won’t all be easy—nothing worthwhile ever is—but take this journey and your life will change dramatically. Your possibilities are unlimited, and your life is waiting for you to break free and claim it

Jillian Michaels
hr min
April 5
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Desi1582 ,


This book, touched me in the deepest way...It felt like Jillian was talk tp me, and about me... Chapter 5 was by far my hardest chapter to listen to,
i cried several times, and decided that was worth putting the work in.... I deserve to be happy and want it, now just as badly... I love this book GREAT READ AND WORTH EVERY CENT

Trickortreat333 ,

This book is beyond words !

I have pre-ordered copies on the way, have bought and had signed copies of the book, and Audiobook in NYC. I'm going to Admit, that I am TERRIBLE when it comes to reading....Yet I can't put this book down. I'm beginning Chapter 10 ...I've read, listened, cried, thought long and hard about some Chapters. I have 3 businesses that I run out of home, and this book has opened my eyes so much. I've put copies of the book / Audio all over my place, so that everywhere I turn, I can pick up and read a copy, or listen to the book. If it's this good with just nearly 1/2 way done, I can only imagine how good the book will be by the end. I HIGHLY Suggest this book for anyone and everyone. You Won't regret it, I promise !

soylent713 ,

Thank You Jillian!

This is exactly what I have wanted from Jillian! I watch Biggest Loser and see how hard they work out and when they have that "breakthrough" moment is when I think, "I wish I had a breakthough moment!" After all, isn't that when the chains that keep you bound to the "I can't" come off?

I LOVE this book! Basically, it's like having your own personal Jillian.

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