I Still Dream About You: A Novel (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

The beloved Fannie Flagg is back and at her irresistible and hilarious best in I Still Dream About You, a comic mystery romp through the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, past, present, and future.

Meet Maggie Fortenberry, a still beautiful former Miss Alabama. To others, Maggie’s life seems practically perfect—she’s lovely, charming, and a successful real estate agent at Red Mountain Realty. Still, Maggie can’t help but wonder how she wound up in her present condition. She had been on her hopeful way to becoming Miss America and realizing her childhood dream of someday living in one of the elegant old homes on top of Red Mountain, with the adoring husband and the 2.5 children, but then something unexpected happened and changed everything.

Maggie graduated at the top of her class at charm school, can fold a napkin in more than forty-eight different ways, and can enter and exit a car gracefully, but all the finesse in the world cannot help her now. Since the legendary real estate dynamo Hazel Whisenknott, beloved founder of Red Mountain Realty, died five years ago, business has gone from bad to worse—and the future isn’t looking much better. But just when things seem completely hopeless, Maggie suddenly comes up with the perfect plan to solve it all.

As Maggie prepares to put her plan into action, we meet the cast of high-spirited characters around her. To Brenda Peoples, Maggie’s best friend and real estate partner, Maggie’s life seems easy as pie. Slender Maggie doesn’t have to worry about her figure, or about her Weight Watchers sponsor catching her at the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. And Ethel Clipp, Red Mountain’s ancient and grumpy office manager with the bright purple hair, thinks the world of Maggie but has absolutely nothing nice to say about their rival Babs “The Beast of Birmingham” Bingington, the unscrupulous estate agent who hates Maggie and is determined to put her out of business.

Maggie has heartbreaking secrets in her past, but through a strange turn of events, she soon discovers, quite by accident, that everybody, it seems—dead or alive—has at least one little secret.

I Still Dream About You is a wonderful novel that is equal parts Southern charm, murder mystery, and that perfect combination of comedy and old-fashioned wisdom that can be served up only by America’s own remarkable Fannie Flagg.

Fannie Flagg
hr min
November 9
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

beadingismylife ,

A great read, as always

I so love Fannie Flagg that I'll buy her books, untested or preread. Especially her audiobooks. She makes me laugh, cry, and everything in between. She never disappoints. I read/listen to her "Redbird Christmas" every year, and like all her stuff, it leaves me happy and filled up. This one's excellent: a real feel good kind of read. Curl up with a cup of hot cocoa; you won't be disappointed.

Running Mommy :-) ,

What a fun mystery!

How could you not just fall in love with Hazel Whisenknott? I'll grant the disappointed listener that Maggie Fortenberry isn't the most relatable character? But I LOVE being read to by Fannie Flagg! Who hasn't had regrets in life? Maggie is going to extremes in her head in this story line. I just took it as a mid life crises. Hazel's character, the love story and the mystery made this book for me.

applejackandbacon ,


I too LOVE Fannie Flagg, however sadly I found that the main character in this book is so pathetic - that I didn't care what happened to her!

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