Command Authority (Unabridged‪)‬

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The #1 New York Times-bestselling author and master of the technothriller returns with his All-Star team.

There’s a new strong man in Russia but his rise to power is based on a dark secret hidden decades in the past. The solution to that mystery lies with a most unexpected source, President Jack Ryan.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Lou Diamond Phillips
hr min
December 3
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

GalacticaLover ,

I will miss Tom Clancy.

I have read every book. I have enjoyed them all; some more than others, sure. But I’m sad that this is the last. This is a classic Clancy-style story with various treads running through the narrative in parallel, only to combine in the end. I like that. This one wasn’t as intricate. There were lots of complications, but large chunks of the story were ignored for long periods of time. Reading a Clancy novel in the past has been like changing the channels on TV quickly, only to find all the shows were related. That was cool. This one changed channels much more slowly, still cool, but less action packed.
The story was as fresh as today’s news—except there was no lying American president—with turmoil in Ukraine and the influence of Russia that mirrors some of the events here. So that added to the intrigue. I loved that the entire gang was back, major and minor players alike, but many got short shrift, and only appeared to “wave to the crowd and doff their caps.” Still the story was interesting and intriguing and very genuine. This is the way the world really works. There were several examples of “spin” that were so real and true and sickening, they could have come from MSNBC.
I enjoyed that Clancy got one last chance to take swipes at all those who hate America and the right way to live. I will miss him. We will miss him.
The book is well read, exciting, and interesting. I wish there had been more Red Storm Rising or Executive Orders in it, but I enjoyed it just the same.
Not Clancy’s best book, but an apt way to bow out. So long, Tom.

Royalruby ,

New Fan

I normally do not read or listen to a book that is co-authored, but the Tom Clancy name lured me in. Mark Greaney is great except for going back and forth in time too much for me. But the action and interaction of characters is great. Love Lou Diamond Phillips' voice which is a major factor for an audio read.

mr1take ,

More Clancy

Most of Clancy's books lately have had "co-writers". All of his paperbacks have been ghost-written. I am sure that, like Robert Ludlum before him, the Clancy name will be attached to many more books in the future. But they will have to continue the Clancy template.

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