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In this epic of unsurpassed action and imagination, Michael Stackpole helps to launch an exciting new era in Star Wars history. Onslaught pits the battle-tested heroes of the past—Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa Solo—along with the next generation of Jedi and droids, against fearsome never-before-encountered enemies from beyond the galactic rim . . .

It is a perilous time for the New Republic. Just when unity is needed most, mistrust is on the rise. Even the Jedi feel the strain, as rogue elements rebel against Luke's leadership. When alien invaders known as the Yunnan Vong strike without warning, the New Republic is thrown on the defensive. Merciless warriors, the Yunnan Vong glory in torture. Their technology is as strange as it is deadly. Most ominous of all, they are impervious to the Force.

Now Luke must wield all the awesome powers of a Jedi Master to defeat the gravest threat since Darth Vader. As Leia and Gavin Darklighter lead desperate refugees in a fighting retreat from Yunnan Vong forces, Mara Jade, Anakin, Jacen, and Corran Horn find themselves tested as never before by a faceless, implacable foe determined to smother the light of the New Republic forever beneath a shroud of darkest evil . . .

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Anthony Heald
hr min
February 20
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

JohannFaust ,

An awesome sequel!

This is so far my favorite of the series. I know it’s only the second book but it was so action blacked and so much is learned about the characters and even the Vong! Even though there are no chapters in their POV which I would have liked, hoping for more of that in the future. But they felt so dangerous and threatening to the Jedi!

ArchCaliberX ,

Good Story, but Short

a good mix of the popular rouge squadron series with the Vong story arc. Abridgement is a tragedy however, feels like the book was probably 3 times longer. Just enough to wet your wistle for the next audio book, or if you have the time, to read the novel.

thevester5 ,


great series. exe lent voice acting i just wish it was a little longer

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