Star Wars: X-Wing: Iron Fist: Book 6 (Abridged‪)‬

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They are the Rebel Alliance's ultimate strike force--sleek, swift, and deadly. For these X-wing fighters, no job is too dirty or too dangerous. Now they must rise to meet an impossible challenge: stop a powerful warlord by pretending to be his ally.

Against all odds, the controversial Wraith Squadron has survived its first covert mission. But now they are called upon to cheat death twice. This time Wedge Antilles sends them in to stop the warlord Zsinj and his Super Star Destroyer, Iron Fist. If Zsinj joins the Empire, it could turn the tide of war against the Rebels. The Wraith Squadron's mission: infiltrate the warlord's fleet and uncover his carefully guarded plans. To do so, they must pose as ruthless pirates seeking to join Zsinj's forces. And that means first becoming pirates in space lanes teeming with Imperial Navy patrols. If that isn't enough to get them killed, they'll have to pass one last test--a suicide mission for Zsinj.

Can they survive the test and turn the tables on Zsinj?

Or is this the end for Wraith Squadron?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Anthony Heald
hr min
February 20
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Mottsawce ,

Best in the X-Wing Series

With the introduction of Wraith Squadron (in the previous books) Aaron Allston gives the reader a diverse and entertaining band of heroes, both alien and human. In Iron Fist the reader gets to see each character involved in complex and meaningful story arcs. Allston is in top form here and his book contains the kind of richness one might remember from the original trilogy. The action is diverse and not confined to naval battles, but there’s plenty for fans of all types. The pacing is good and it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of this installment as many of the best characters are faced with impossible choices, challenges, and tragedy.

Iron Fist combines black-ops military action with the Star Wars swash-buckling bravado that one has come to expect from Wedge Antilles and his band of rebel aces. Allston’s novel follows our heroes as they attempt to hunt down Ex-Imperial, Warlord Zinj. The Wraiths don alter egos and costumes as a mercenary squadron called The Hawkbats. Flying Tie Interceptors, their mission is to infiltrate Zinj’s operation. With a conflicted spy unknowingly in their midst, Wedge and the Wraiths face some of their toughest battles yet and several of the pilots fly their last mission in this book.

Readers will want to start at the beginning of the series (or at the very least with X-Wing: Wraith Squadron) to enjoy the full experience but I believe this to be the best in the series.

A long time ago, Anthony Heald was the definitive voice of Star Wars novels and he is superb in Iron Fist. He does an excellent job voicing a wide range of characters and it makes the story easy to follow. The sound effects are solid and true to the Star Wars universe, as is the production and music.

Let go, stretch out with your feelings and download Iron Fist. Please support this review if you found it useful and may the Force be with you!

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