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Outraged by the downward spiral of intellect and culture, Michael LeGault offers the flip side of Malcolm Gladwell's bestselling phenomenon, Blink, which theorized that our best decision-making is done on impulse, without factual knowledge or critical analysis. If bestselling books are advising us to not think, LeGault argues, it comes as no surprise that sharp, incisive reasoning has become a lost art in the daily life of people everywhere.

Somewhere along the line, the Age of Reason morphed into the Age of Emotion; this systemic erosion is costing time, money, jobs, and lives in the twenty-first century, leading to less fulfilment and growing dysfunction. LeGault provides a bold, controversial, and objective analysis of the causes and solutions for some of the biggest problems facing Western culture in the 21st century. From the over- load of reality TV shows and gossip magazines that have rendered curiosity of the mind and spirit obsolete to permissive parenting and low standards that have caused an academic crisis among our children, LeGault looks at all aspects of modern lives and points to how and where it all went wrong.

Business & Personal Finance
Michael R. LeGault
hr min
January 3
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

Tony in AR ,

very good but not great

I liked the book's theme. It got my attention in the beginning, yet lost me a little in the middle. The last part was very good. I liked his take on parenting, agree with his thoughts on Michael Moore and also thought he was correct in his assesment of relying on too much technology in place of critical thinking. Overall, I would recommend it, but be prepared to listen twice.

Joss ,

The John Stossel of Science

LeGault is a self professed "Libertarian" with conservative chops. He dismantles "Blink", Malcom Gladwell's popular book on instinct, an argument at a time.

I was glad to have this counterpoint to "Blink", which I also enjoyed very much. LeGault presents reasoned, structured arguments to support his observations about why America is such a dull and frustrating place for the intellectual as of late. I suggest you read "Blink" then "Think" for full effect.

I hope this starts a trend of rebuttal books. It's a good think.

Coulter ,

Poorly executed

I agree strongly with core arguements in this book, critical thinking in the US is at low and something does need to be done about it. Sadly this book isn't the answer, LeGault needs to take a bit of his own advice and maybe be a little less concerned with countering an arguement and more concerned with making his own. The audiobook is full of contradictions as he carefully pokes holes in other peoples arguements and then falls into the same traps when making his own. It has the potential to be a good book, but it is sadly a bit too full of itself to see that it is not particularly thought out itself.

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