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John Plaster’s riveting account of his covert activities as a member of a special operations team during the Vietnam War is “a true insider’s account, this eye-opening report will leave readers feeling as if they’ve been given a hot scoop on a highly classified project” (Publishers Weekly).

Code-named the Studies and Observations Group, SOG was the most secret elite US military unit to serve in the Vietnam War—so secret its very existence was denied by the government. Composed entirely of volunteers from such ace fighting units as the Army Green Berets, Air Force Air Commandos, and Navy SEALs, SOG took on the most dangerous covert assignments, in the deadliest and most forbidding theaters of operation.

In SOG, Major John L. Plaster, a three-tour SOG veteran, shares the gripping exploits of these true American warriors in a minute-by-minute, heartbeat-by-heartbeat account of the group’s stunning operations behind enemy lines—penetrating heavily defended North Vietnamese military facilities, holding off mass enemy attacks, launching daring missions to rescue downed US pilots. Some of the most extraordinary true stories of honor and heroism in the history of the US military, from sabotage to espionage to hand-to-hand combat, Plaster’s account is “a detailed history of this little-known aspect of the Vietnam War…a worthy act of historical rescue from an unjustified, willed oblivion” (The New York Times).

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Customer Reviews

Mallard1971 ,

SOG - By John Plaster

Bravo Mr. Plaster. A monumental achievement for history. I just finished it and I’m actually really sad that it’s over. This book will warrant a second pass. It was at once fascinating, exhilarating, and infuriating. These heroes did things that seem superhuman. Their missions suicidal and impossible. They succeeded against a determined enemy on one side and an incompetent, feckless bureaucracy on the other. It’s unforgivable that the treachery of a mole costing the lives of these men was never dealt with because of politics. I was also already familiar with the name of the useless ambassador to Laos William Sullivan. He was the same man responsible for the deaths of the heroes at the secret radio listening post in Laos named Lima Site 85. He refused them an American security team and they were overran and killed. Considering these types of impediments to covert troops in SE Asia their feats are all the more incredible. I’ll read anything else written Mr. Plaster.

ColeSlaw913 ,


John Plaster’s account of the secret war is truly crazy but accurate. I don’t know how these men did what they did.

Bored Racer ,

Heroics like no other

This is the Vietnam history no one ever hears about. The heroics are incredible.

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