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Book 1 in the Action-Packed Conor McBride Series!

Conor McBride. A man with deadly skills he never wanted to learn.

That doesn't mean he won't use them.

For the Irish, family is everything. Their loyalty to each other is unbreakable, but Conor McBride thought his had reached its limit. He’d spent years trying to undo the damage of a betrayal that humiliated him, ended his career, and nearly landed him in prison for a crime he never committed.

The man responsible for it all disappeared long ago. Conor never thought of searching for him, but now a secretive stranger from London has traveled to his farm in the west of Ireland asking him to do exactly that.

Wanting to refuse but knowing he can’t, Conor accepts a job he doesn’t want, acquiring deadly skills he never wanted to learn. He’s an ordinary man, but before long he will hardly recognize himself. He will disappear into a ruthless new identity on the tumultuous streets of India, joining allies he doesn’t trust in a dangerous game without rules. He will learn to shoot, lie, steal and smother his humanity under layers of tradecraft, all in service to the one goal of finding the man who took everything from him – his brother, Thomas McBride.

Thomas has one last chance for redemption, and Conor will do whatever it takes to find him before it’s too late.

Because the bond between brothers goes on forever, even after betrayal.

Family is everything.

With gripping stories, stunningly evocative settings, and a cast of richly drawn characters headlined by an irresistible hero, reviewers are raving about this unique series.

Book 2: The Secret Chord

Book 3: City Of A Thousand Spies

Mysteries & Thrillers
Wayne Farrell
hr min
March 11
Kiltumper Close Press

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