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The sixth Lisbeth Salander story in the Millennium Series--the crime-fiction phenomenon that has sold more than 90 million copies worldwide.

Mikael Blomkvist is trying to reach Lisbeth Salander—the fierce, unstoppable girl with the dragon tattoo. He needs her help unraveling the identity of a man who died with Blomkvist's phone number in his pocket—a man who does not exist in any official records and whose garbled last words hinted at knowledge that would be dangerous to important people. But Lisbeth has disappeared. She's sold her apartment in Stockholm. She's gone dark. She's told no one where she is. And no one is aware that at long last she's got her primal enemy, her twin sister, Camilla, squarely in her sights. In the end, it will be Blomkvist--in a moment of unimaginable self-sacrifice--who will make it possible for Lisbeth to face the most important battle of her life, and, finally, to put her past to rest.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Simon Vance
hr min
August 27
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Harvey Preston ,

Good try

Stieg Larsson left some huge shoes so fill and David Lagerstein (sp) has made a respectable attempt. However, the pretext of murder on a Mt. Everest was both unbelievable and irritatingly complex. Also the climate was long, drawn out and, again, way too complicated for an exciting conclusion. I was very impressed with the reader’s American accent. Usually English-accented readers do American like a 1940’s gangster movie. This reader was spot on.

smiffJ ,

Once again

Once again, Simon Vance. I enjoy Vance’s narration. He is clearly very talented. But seriously, I wish the guy would stop changing the way he pronounces a name 4, 5, or 6 books into a series. In this case starting all of a sudden to pronounce Lisbeth’s name as (Lisbet), no ‘h’. Don’t think the h is silent. And if it is I really wish he would’ve just started saying it that way from the beginning. There are others but none quite so annoying or prominently featured as that one. Of course this is not the end of the world and it is not typical of me to be so critical of what is essentially a small detail, but for someone fairly new to the series, who has listened to all books in sequence over a relatively short time, it’s extremely irritating and gets more so every time the name is said. End run-on.

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