Father-ish: Laugh-Out-Loud Tales From a Dad Trying Not to Ruin His Kids' Lives (Unabridged‪)‬

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In his third book, Clint Edwards shares honest, relatable and unbearably funny tales of botching birthdays and holidays as a father of three.

Clint Edwards, author of the hit book I'm Sorry...Love Your Husband, and the follow up Silence is a Scary Sound, is back with a third collection of essays chronicling honest tales of struggling to raise three young kids, making plenty of mistakes along the way and learning to be a better father. After Clint's first collection of stories, which act as an apology to his wife, this natural follow up will place the author's children at the center of the apology and recount funny and relatable tales of Clint's parenting fails. Stories will detail incidents of the author half surviving, half ruining birthdays, holidays, vacations and other important milestones in his children's lives, and touchingly examine the ways he makes up for them.

With this audiobook exploring the widely universal theme of parenting, new audiences (as well as Clint's dedicated following) will see stories as both a mirror of their own lives and a comic relief from it. Essays include titles like, "I Changed A Friend's Name in my Phone to Santa and Had Him Text Threats to my Children" and "Reasons My Children Cried At Their Own Birthday Parties." Clint's addicting voice, writing about being a parent around the holidays, will help anyone who is a mother or father, who works with young children, is member of a large family or has ever taken care of another human being before connect with these stories.

Clint Edwards
hr min
October 20
Random House Audio

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