Under Our Roof: A Son's Battle for Recovery, a Mother's Battle for Her Son (Unabridged‪)‬

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A congresswoman and her son reveal how he survived a ten-year battle with opioid abuse—and what their family’s journey to recovery can teach us about finding hope amid the unspeakable.

“Beautiful and inspiring.”—Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper (Book of the Week)

When Madeleine Dean discovered that her son Harry was stealing from the family to feed a painkiller addiction, she was days away from taking the biggest risk of her life: running for statewide office in Pennsylvania. For years, she had sensed something was wrong. Harry was losing weight and losing friends. He had lost the brightness in his eyes and voice, changing from a young boy with boundless enthusiasm to a shadow of himself, chasing something she could not see. Now her worst fears had come to light.

Under Our Roof is the story of a national crisis suffered in the intimacy of so many homes, told with incredible candor through the dual perspectives of a mother rising in politics and a son living a double life, afraid of what might happen if his secret is exposed. In this honest, bracing, yet ultimately uplifting memoir, they discuss the patterns of a family dealing with an unspoken disease, the fear that keeps addicts hiding in shame, and the moments of honesty, faith, and personal insight that led to Harry’s recovery.

In a country searching for answers to the devastating effects of opioids and drug abuse, Under Our Roof is a ray of hope in the darkness. It is not only a love story between mother and son but also an honest account of a pressing national crisis by a family poised to make a difference.

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Madeleine Dean
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February 16
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Customer Reviews

59undone ,


Hard to read. A compilation of suburban privileged white people issues. Trite.

If you live in the burbs, this is just a story about your next door neighbor.

If you live in a city, this is growing up as part of The Brady Bunch which you wished you had belonged to.

I wish I had chosen a book that was more reflective, less Catholic guilt trip, and maybe somewhat transformative and inspiring for those of us that really struggle to put food on our tables and are not concerned about what prep school our loadie kid should attend.

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