The Art of Skill: Establishing the Mindset for Unleashing the Music Inside You

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Learn from a true jazz master about what it takes to achieve musical excellence.

"The Art of Skill chronicles and showcases Dave Liebman’s pursuit and attainment of living life as art. Lieb harnesses the mystery of the creative life-force and rides it to the truth that we all have something to say." (Peter Erskine)

This is a candid and fascinating look at the mental, psychological and spiritual aspects of musical mastery for any musician playing jazz and other styles. It's about listening and following one's muse in order to attain excellence. Lieb has much to say about the critically important stage of discovering one's unique musical voice with some of the challenges that players experience in attaining this goal.

The importance and various approaches towards practicing is a key topic examined in this book. Lieb shares his insights and recounts stories of how other master artists achieved excellence ranging from Michael Brecker to Miles Davis. In particular, having been on stage and in the recording studio with Miles, Lieb shares his special insights into Davis as a performer and bandleader.

Another topic rarely discussed is how artists are naturally sensitive to life-changing epiphanies as happened to Lieb when he first heard John Coltrane at Birdland, a New York jazz club when Lieb was a teenager. There is also a very positive discussion of the commonalities of jazz musicians. As an add-on Lieb lists his personal favorite albums and tracks.

Become inspired by listening to this book written by a decades-long leader and teacher who has pondered the many facets of what it takes to become a world-class artist.

Dave Liebman
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January 23
Music Savvy