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Darfur, Sudan. 2009. Two doctors employed by NGOs stumble across a strange metallic cylinder, which has been embedded for perhaps millions of years in desert rock. Mystified by the object, they gather four of the world’s leading experts in science and technology a computer scientist, a physicist, a biochemist, and a genetic researcher and head to London to study it thoroughly. The six have barely begun running tests on the cylinder, when they suddenly disappear telling family members not to go looking for them. But word about the discovery has gotten out and for these six civilians, it might already be too late. Mossad, the Israeli national intelligence agency, has been instructed to recover the mysteriously powerful object at any cost even if that means eliminating the scientists. Hot on Mossad’s trail is the CIA, determined to chase down the fugitives first, no matter the consequences. As the noose tightens, the six scramble to figure out the what the cylinder is and who built it ultimately revealing a dramatic truth that could change the world forever. A fast-paced, globe-trotting thriller that asks the reader to consider the earth’s very origins, Quantum is the first novel in a three-book series. The novel ranked first on Amazon.it in 2013 in the 100 best selling ebook category.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Lyle Blaker
hr min
February 19

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Gengrigio ,


This is a great Audio Drama!
This full cast audiobook is amazing! It is one of those rare novels that you will find impossible to stop listening. The plot is intriguing from the beginning baked up with science and history: it brings the listener to some interesting philosophical questions. A smart mystery with many surprising and unexpected turns along the way that has me eagerly awaiting for the second installment. I listened at this in nearly two evenings. I loved the narrator as well as the all-stars cast and the sound effects. It has been like watching a movie without the visual. You are totally submerged into the experience. Fascinating. I highly recommend listening!