In God We Don't Trust: A Look at The Founding of America in the Light of Jesus' Teachings

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In God We Don’t Trust 

 A Look at the Founding of American in the Light of Jesus’ Teachings 

Here is the compelling narrative of the founding of America – told from a perspective that few people have ever heard. That perspective is the Kingdom of God. 

Our currency declares, “In God We Trust.” But did the American colonists truly trust in God in the founding of America? 

 For example, the Scriptures tell us, “The authorities that exist are appointed by God.  Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God… Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due” (Rom. 13). Yet, the American colonists refused to pay their taxes, and they rebelled against their government. Was that right? 

 The American colonists had many admirable traits, and they established a wonderful country. This is not an anti-American book. It is pro-kingdom book. Bercot firmly believes that Jesus and His kingdom must have our ultimate allegiance. And in the pages of In God We Don’t Trust, Bercot shows how the colonists repeatedly failed to do things God’s way. This was true in their treatment of the Indians, in trafficking slaves, in building economies on tobacco and rum, in smuggling, and in refusing to pay their taxes. In short, the colonists lacked the faith to believe that if they did things God’s way, everything would work out for the best. 

 The product of nine years of research, In God We Don’t Trust challenges much of what most of us learned in school about the founding of America and the American Revolution.  Bercot’s well-documented findings will surprise many people. At the same time, this timely work will strengthen the convictions of Christians who take seriously the teachings of Jesus. 

Benjamin Good
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November 5
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