Alta Lynn, M.D.: The Romance Of Two Girls Who Married For Fun

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Available for the first time in 125 years, the Lost Novels Of Nellie Bly!

Pioneering undercover journalist Nellie Bly is rightly famous for exposing society's ills. From brutal insane asylums to corrupt politicians, she exposed all manner of frauds and charlatans. She was also a skilled interviewer and reporter. What no one has known was that she was also a novelist. This is because, of the twelve novels Bly wrote between 1889 and 1895, eleven have been lost. Until now.

Newly discovered by author David Blixt (What Girls Are Good For, The Master Of Verona), Nellie Bly's lost works of fiction are now available for the first time! These are The Lost Novels of Nellie Bly!

Alta Lynn and her best friend, Pet Darlington, are out riding one day with two young men when, on a lark, they agree to hold a mock wedding. Only afterwards do the ladies find the marriages are legal and binding! Furious, Alta Lynn rejects her new husband and flees to New York, throwing herself into her education.

Three years later she is a doctor with an active practice. A midnight summons to a patient who has attempted suicide leads to several new acquaintances, and Alta Lynn finds herself the personal doctor to the wealthy Osborne family.

That summer, while vacationing with the Osbornes, she finds herself face to face with her husband! Worse, a blackmailer is threatening the Osbornes over a dreadful secret that would ruin their daughter.

When a man is thrown off a cliff to die in the sea, Alta suspects her secret husband of the deed. She decides to cover for him, unwittingly opening herself up to the blackmailer’s threats. Secrets, scandals, and murder all surround. . .Alta Lynn, M.D.!

Extra feature: includes the New York World article that inspired this novel!

Elizabeth Wiley
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December 7
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