Bachelorette for Sale

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This is an Apple Books audiobook narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator.

A sexy singles auction with a hidden agenda that comes with a prize of a lifetime…

Cherry Ryan

Some would say my biggest weakness is being too kind. I'd say it's not being able to tell my best friend no. That's how I ended up on not only a reality dating show, which we are so not talking about, but also in a singles auction, right when I'd sworn off dating. I should have stuck to my vow because none other than Mr. Tall, Dark, and Arrogant won the bidding war. That man… That man looked way too good in a tux and visions of naughty fantasies danced in my head, but his attitude made my blood boil. 

And that was the only thing he heated up inside me, especially as I got to know him…

Jason Valentine

I know I told my best friend and business partner I'd do anything to save our company but wining and dining some faux reality star was a bit much, even if she was the key to landing the contract we needed. I expected a diva, but what I found was a woman that brought out the best and worst in me.
Someone I was willing to risk it all for.

If only the outside world would let us be and leave the past where it belonged. Instead, we both have to take a giant leap of faith straight into the spotlight or lose it all.

Bachelorette for Sale is the first book in the West Side Bachelorette Series, but all books in the series can be read as a standalone. For fans of Lucy Score, Meghan Quinn, and Amy Daws who like warm-hearted, charming, playful romantic comedies. This is your jam. This is your book. Enjoy!

"Convincing characters, hot love scenes, and emotional depth."— Library Journal (starred review)

BACHELORETTE FOR SALE is book one in the West Side Bachelorette Romance series and can be read as a standalone.

Apple Books
hr min
February 3
Gail Chianese