A Stitch in Time (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

An unique and intense tale following Elim Garak as he attempts to stitch the ravaged society of Cardassia back together.

For nearly a decade Garak has longed for just one thing—to go home. Exiled on a space station, surrounded by aliens who loathe and distrust him, going back to Cardassia has been Garak's one dream. Now, finally, he is home. But home is a world whose landscape is filled with death and destruction. Desperation and dust are constant companions and luxury is a glass of clean water and a warm place to sleep.

Ironically, it is a letter from one of the aliens on that space station, Dr. Julian Bashir, that inspires Garak to look at the fabric of his life. Elim Garak has been a student, a gardener, a spy, an exile, a tailor, even a liberator. It is a life that was charted by the forces of Cardassian society with very little understanding of the person, and even less compassion.

But it is the tailor that understands who Elim Garak was, and what he could be. It is the tailor who sees the ruined fabric of Cardassia, and who knows how to bring this ravaged society back together. This is strange, because a tailor is the one thing Garak never wanted to be. But it is the tailor whom both Cardassia and Elim Garak need. It is the tailor who can put the pieces together, who can take a stitch in time.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Andrew J. Robinson
hr min
August 1
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

tj-bey ,


Compelling story! I have waited years in search of this in printed and was delighted when Mr. Robinson announced that an audio version would be produced. It did not disappoint in the least. If you are even remotely a fan of DS9, then you must acquire this content!

ppgamster ,

Incredibly well written and acted

An engrossing story by the author & actor who completely understands the character and culture that he’s portraying. Incredible.

itsJosephMartin ,

An Unparalleled Journey into the Heart of Garak: A Masterful Performance by Andrew Robinson

Andrew Robinson’s ‘A Stitch in Time’ is an absolute must-listen for any ‘Deep Space Nine’ enthusiast. Not only has Robinson meticulously penned a compelling story, but his deep understanding and embodiment of the character Garak, which he portrayed for years, is vividly present throughout the audiobook. The writing is of the highest quality, and it’s clear that Mr. Robinson knows Garak inside and out. His performance is equally mesmerizing, transporting listeners directly into the world of ‘Deep Space Nine.’ The authenticity with which the story is written makes it feel not just like another Star Trek tale, but a masterful addition to the canon. It stands as some of the best Star Trek content available, and any fan would be remiss not to experience this immersive journey into the complex character of Garak. A true triumph in storytelling and performance.

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