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Lady Alice approached the fearsome Warrior who had swept into Lingwood Manor like a storm. Dark and forbidding, with hair as black as midnight and eyes of molten amber, Hugh the Relentless seemed aptly named. Yet to Alice, adept at driving off suitors and handling her insufferable relatives, Sir Hugh was not someone to dread, but the answer to her dreams. He had come for the mysterious green crystal, and would be greatly displeased to learn that it was no longer in her possession. But Alice was certain Sir Hugh could be coaxed into a deal that would benefit them both. In return for a dowry large enough to free Alice and her brother from the grasp of their conniving uncle, she would lend her powers of detection to Sir Hugh's knightly skills and together they would recover his treasured stone.

With a tongue as sharp as a dagger, the flame-haired Alice filled Hugh with fury...and a growing fascination. He accepted her terms, with one alteration: Alice must agree to a temporary betrothal and spend the winter in Hugh's great stone fortress, Scarcliffe Keep.The bargain is struck and the adventure begins. But Sir Hugh's lifelong enemy is plotting against them, stirring up a whirlwind of treachery that threatens their fragile alliance.

Suzanne Bertish
hr min
December 15
Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio

Customer Reviews

55mamaj ,

Not all there

I have read the book and purchased this for travel. The person doing the reading did very well. I was unhappy with the fact that the book was supposed to be unabridged and there was quite a bit missing. That was sad as I wanted the whole book.

gwennieg ,


This book is abridged and was cricified by the narrator. I have it on cassette and love it so much I purchased it for my iPod. Not only should the narrator stick to durges for the depressed and suicidal, some of the best parts are MISSING! I rate the REAL unabridged version read by Barbara Rosenblat (Recorded Books) THE BEST book ever. This version dosen't even rate.

MKane ,


I find the statement above that this is an unabridged audio book suspect, since it is only 3 hours long, and your basic unabridged Amanda Quick book is at the very least 7 hours. Please know this if you buy.

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