Idiots Unplugged

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Glenn Beck Takes On His Idiot Friend—Live, on the Radio

We’ve all been in those mind-numbing, stomach-churning, sleep-inducing conversations with people whose brains seem to be smaller than their mouths. They’re always endlessly long, painfully agonizing and hopelessly futile.

Glenn Beck, host of a nationally syndicated radio program and a television show on Fox News and the #1 bestselling author of Arguing with Idiots, Common Sense, and The Christmas Sweater, finds himself in those debates all the time—and now you can hear how he wins them every time.

As millions of listeners have heard, Glenn’s arguments with his Idiot Friend live on the air have provided some of the funniest and most insightful moments on The Glenn Beck Program. Now, in the bestselling tradition of America’s March to Socialism, Glenn collects his most memorable on-air dimwit debates in IDIOTS UNPLUGGED, an original audio program unavailable in any other format. 

Glenn’s use of facts and reason to silence his Idiot Friend (played to know-nothing perfection by series regular Pat Gray) has become a popular highlight of his broadcasts. Offering the best of these exchanges, IDIOTS UNPLUGGED features Glenn’s winning arguments on everything from taxes to global warming to education to why Lindsey Graham is a big problem for the Republican party. After listening, you’ll never again worry about cocktail parties in Manhattan, date-nights in San Francisco, or sending your daughter off to Berkeley for college. 

A collection of radio segments that are both timely and classic, IDIOTS UNPLUGGED is a reminder of why no other broadcaster makes the truth as convincing and entertaining as Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck
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February 2
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Customer Reviews

Truth Squared ,

Required Reading

Glenn Beck is amazing. We all need to take a page out of his book and pass it on.

Captain America77 ,

Commonsense! Please read

Note: i say all this will true humility. I wish not to attack anyone.
People, have we really fallen this far from where we came from? I am 24 years old, I live in liberal Northern California. I am a self thinking man, no one brain washed me into being a conservative. So for you that get on here and rant about an agenda. Isn't that why you wrote your comment? Seriously.. To promote the agenda of what you believe to be true? For me conservative America is simply commen sense, and abiding in that principle. I am not rich, nor do I have a ton if money. I work hard, I pay my taxes, and I obey the law. The government doesn't give me any handouts, nor would I except them unless I truly needed them. I would just like my ideals represented in society, and government. Liberal minded people will soon understand, it's not all free, and it's not all fair. America has a constitution for a reason, and there is a good reason so many have fought and died for it. Right? If Glenn Becks "agenda" is to live under the principles of the constitution and the ideals of our fore fathers, then God Bless Glenn Beck. Please stop protesting what you do not understand. That is supposed to be the liberal way, right? Take the time. Think for yourselves. Stop letting msnbc, CNN, NPR, abc, or even fox news think for you. Think for yourselves, please. Just because your high school or college professors say being a democrat liberal is the only way to be enlightened and above the masses doesn't make it true. Search for yourselves. As for me, I have weighed the cost, and have found the True Founding Father Conservatism is the only way to lead my life. My aim is to preserve and protect my America, as I see it. I hope you all will join us soon, the time is coming when it may be too late to choose sides. God Bless and thanks again Glenn, it's not all lost.

Sevcav ,

Funny, annoying, and lacking anything new

I really enjoy Glenn's radio program, and absolutely loved Arguing With Idiots. However, this audio book although funny in segments, got old fast, especially with the music in between each argument. This book did not offer any new educational content. Instead it made fun if critics of Arguing With Idiots. In parts this was entertaining, but in the end I felt disapointed. I hope the next book gets back to additional educations on the foundations if America and restoring the honor.

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