Illicit Desires: Volume 1 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Publisher Description

Sometimes happily ever after doesn't look like you think it should.

Includes books one to three of the Illicit Desires series, a dark romance that travels a twisted path as three people work toward an unconventional happily ever after.

Illicit Desires: Volume 1 includes:

Emily's Secret Dom
Mastering Emily
Controlling Emily

Emily's Secret Dom: Sometimes temptation can be more than a person can resist.

Emily’s life is boring, and at 35, she assumes this is as good as it’s going to get. She has a decent job and a loving, if passionless, husband, but knows she should be grateful for all her blessings. Until a chance encounter in an online game introduces her to Aiden.

Aiden thrills her like no other man has before, and she doesn’t understand what is so special about him until he tempts her with an offer that she knows she should refuse.

Journey with Emily as she grapples with hidden desires she didn’t know she had and travels down a darker path than she ever thought possible.

Mastering Emily: Is the risk worth the reward?

Emily desperately wants to meet up with her dom in real life and experience everything he has to offer, but she knows she shouldn’t. This choice could shatter her marriage, and she has a good life. She has a big decision to make and Aiden isn’t making the choice any easier when he thrills her at every turn. 

Emily craves the control that Aiden can provide, but is it worth risking her marriage?

Controlling Emily: Can a marriage survive a betrayal?

Can Emily and Nate's marriage be salvaged after such a betrayal? Emily must navigate the new reality, while Nate grapples with the decision he made.

But there is a third person in this triangle that they never considered. How is Aiden going to respond to the changes in all their lives?

Emily is so close to having everything she wants and she'll do anything to keep it.

Aleks Esquire
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June 29
Lacey Cross