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After starting a new job, Jason's new found colleagues were so impressed with his storytelling, the tales he regaled and anecdotes he proffered, they said he should start to record them as podcasts and share them online.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, most are recorded while commuting and cover a wide range of subjects, from Jason's experiences, the commute itself, celebrities such as Ricky Gervais, Gordon Ramsey to more unusual subjects such as the supernatural. 

Unscripted and at times meandering, there is some ambient noise.

1 The Commute 

2 Beijing or bust 

3 I've been to China, you know 

4 The Doorbell 

5 Worse Than Malaria 

6 Dunnes Stores 

7 Hijack 

8 Iceland the store not the country 

9 Marijuana and Sausages 

10 The Dutch man isn't wearing any trousers 

11 Is that a gun in your pocket 

12 Raki 

13 East London 

14 There's Pygmies living back there 

15 Argos the store not the Ancient Greek City 

16 After Iceland the store not the country 

17 Shoes 

18 Broken VCR 

19 Bose 

20 Does she know me 

21 Ingredients 

22 Money 

23 Angry Drivers 

24 JW 

25 Parcel Motel 

26 Near hit 

27 Ricky 

28 Lidl 

29 Wiper Blades 

30 Muff 

31 Business Class 

32 The Star Short Story by HG Wells 

33 Audiobooks are hard 

34 Relocation 

35 Physical Activity 

36 David Icke 

37 Change 

38 Harvey Norman 

39, 40 Glasses

41 Jess Glynne 

42 Social Media 

43 Planes 

44 A sign 

45 Portugal 

46 Dreams 

47 Driving 

48 Crown Princess 

49 Karma 

50 Symmetry

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Jason King
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May 1
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