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Publisher Description

He wants her more than life, but can she trust him with her biggest secret?

Kann is a lion shifter from another world. Literally. Even though he’s learned how to walk, talk, dress, and sound just like everyone else in Mystery, Alaska, he still can't find his mate...until she walks right into the local grocery store. Her blue eyes and killer legs make his lion stand up and roar. Well, that, and her soul is glowing just for him. That only happens...with soulmates. Which means the magic of his world did cross over to Earth with the survivors.

Penny is on the run, being chased at a breakneck pace over the Alaskan countryside. She can't trust anyone, and she knows it's only a matter of time before she's caught. When she meets Kann, the sexy backwoods, plaid-shirted man from Mystery, she’s instantly attracted. However, she can’t afford a distraction, and she doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt when they come for her.

Except, Kann has never met an objection he couldn't overcome. With patience and determination, he wins Penny over, inch by inch. But will Penny's past steal everything from both of them?

I’m Not Lion to You is the second book in the new Soulmate Shifters in Mystery, Alaska series. It’s a full-length, stand-alone fantasy, paranormal, lion-shifter romance story featuring a strong human female and an alpha male lion from another world with an inclination for safeguarding and satisfying his mate. Happily ever after and more guaranteed!

Interview with the author

Q: Aside from the Soulmate Shifter Series, what other books do you write and what order should I read/ listen to them?

A: I have several other completed paranormal romance series. The Sanctuary, Texas series has an apocalyptic flavor and is set in a small Texas town. It's a wild ride with lots of romance, adventure, and enough heartache to make you need a box of tissues several times. The VonBrandt Pack Series is another fan favorite! This series is set in a small town called Somewhere, TX. I actually have three series set in the world of Somewhere - two paranormal and one contemporary set with crossover characters. Then, the spin-off into the Moonbound series that picks up where the VonBrandt's leave off.

Klaus von Hohenloe
hr min
April 2
KS Publishing