Immortal: Last Call: The Immortal Series, Book 6 (Unabridged‪)‬

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"I’m something like 60,000 years old, and I’ve probably thought more about my own death than any living being has thought about any subject, ever. I used to be unduly preoccupied with what might constitute a “good death”, although interestingly, this has always been an after-the-fact analysis. What I mean is, following a near-death experience, I’ll generally perform a quiet review of the circumstances and judge whether that death would have been objectively good, by whatever metric one uses for that kind of thing. I’m not nearly that self-reflective while in the midst of said near-death experience. Facing death, the predominant thought is always not like this.” 

A disease threatening the lives of everyone - human and nonhuman - has been loosed upon the world by an archenemy Adam didn’t even know he had. 

That’s just the first of his problems. Adam’s also in jail, facing multiple counts of murder, at least a few of which are accurate. He may never see the inside of a courtroom because there remains a bounty on his head - put there by the aforementioned archenemy - that someone is bound to try to collect while he’s stuck behind bars.

Meanwhile, Adam’s sitting on some tantalizing evidence that there might be a cure, but to find it, he’s going to have to get out of jail, get out of the country, and track down the man responsible. He can’t do any of that alone, but he also can’t rely on any of his nonhuman friends for help...not when they’re all getting sick. 

What he needs is a particularly gifted human, who can do things no other human is capable of. He knows one such person. He calls himself a fixer, and he’s Adam’s - and possibly the world’s - last hope. That’s provided he believes any of it.

Immortal: Last Call is the sixth book in The Immortal Series, and also the end of a long journey for one immortal man.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Steve Carlson
hr min
February 27
Gene Doucette