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Seven great chapters that defend God's Word: 

Chapter 1 - Noah's Ark & Dinosaurs, Russ Miller; A fascinating scientific study showing dinosaurs were on Noah's ark and some may still be alive today! 
Chapter 2 - Fifty Facts That Make Darwin Look Silly! Russ Miller; Learn the scientific facts showing absolutely without a doubt that Creation, not evolution, is the best theory to explain the past. 
Chapter 3 - The Case for Christ's Resurrection, Josh McDowell; Christianity stands on the truth of the resurrection. This is a great study by the world's leading expert on the overwhelming evidence. 
Chapter 4 - How We Got Our Bible, Neil Lightfoot; Neil walks you through the history of how we came to get our Bible. Covers the Apocrypha, early manuscripts, and much more! 
Chapter 5 - Why Grand Canyon Proves a Recent Global Flood, Russ Miller; The scientific evidence supporting the canyon being carved out quickly about 5000 years ago is overwhelming! 
Chapter 6 - How Science Confirms the Bible, Ken Ham; Ken Shows the theory of evolution is lacking in key areas - both in scientific explanation and common sense… all in layman’s language! 
Chapter 7 - Scientific Evidences for a 6000-Year-Old Earth, Russ Miller; If you have the least inclination toward the unbiblical theory of evolution, this will rock your boat! 

Using dry wit and humor, Russ shows SCIENTIFICALLY why the “Old Earth” theory won’t hold water. Proving, if there’s ever a doubt, trust God’s Word!

Religion & Spirituality
Josh McDowell, Ken Ham, Russ Miller, Neil Lightfoot
hr min
February 8
Compass International, Inc.

Customer Reviews

GloonGrover ,

Where’s the Beef?

My experience with this book would be equivalent to reading a book titled “The Benefits of Fracking”, in which the author danced around the health risks associated with fracking. Instead of addressing them head on, the author attempts to convince me that science only works some of the time until it disagrees with fracking. And when science is at odds with fracking, our bodies don’t actually need clean drinking water. We need to listen to the fossil fuel industry because the first world won’t exist without fossil fuels. Why won’t it exist? Well it never has before, so it never can.

There’s no real defense.

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