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Destined to appeal to anyone with a passion for bikes, travel and adventure, In Search of Greener Grass is a fascinating account of the author’s adventurous travels by motorbike and his life as a whole.

Written with a refreshing self disparaging, dry and cynical wit, this is part handbook – Graham’s journey is covered from the pitfalls of pedantic preparation to the dilemma of disposing of a bike with which Graham formed a deep bond on the way to journey’s end – and part life story, full of anecdotes and life enhancing realisations collected over a quarter century of travel on and off the road.

Graham’s narrative is full of light-hearted but insightful observations, occasional wisdom and sporadic alcohol-fueled inspiration. His account is a little rebellious, but generally defiant. The audiobook describes the enlightenment he found, insecurities discovered, banter, babblings and bollocks that perhaps should have stayed inside the crash helmet. Riding east to Mongolia and then a bit further, discovering truths, doubting their accuracy and reassessing it all again. Graham rides into the semi-researched but mostly unknown, stops briefly before compulsively moving on again, deciding that contentment must be around the next corner, occasionally finding it and then missing it.

Travel & Adventure
Graham Field
hr min
March 1
Graham Field

Customer Reviews

jWilday ,

Pure Genius

Thank you Graham!
Before I listened to this book, I thought you were a motorcyclist who wrote books. But I discovered you’re really a writer who rides motorcycles. Loved every moment of this book and your reading of it is priceless.

kwikfile ,

Keeping it real!

Graham is truly an adventurous person. He is honest and real. He brings us with him through Europe to Mongolia in way that only Graham Field can !. Its written with well placed humor too. You will learn about other places from a open minded travelers perspective. For example, I learned that kazakhstan is not what we see in movies. It’s altogether different with friendly people...
It’s very enjoyable listen!

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