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Get caught!

Life is full of fumbles and stumbles. Fraught with opportunities to make mistakes, occasions to feel guilty, and the drive to “do it yourself.” The pressure to be self-sufficient is high, but it isn’t the life God offers.

The way of the world will direct you to try harder and work smarter so that you can take care of yourself and even make yourself successful. But the way of the cross will point toward the place where you stop striving . . . stop pushing . . . stop every self-initiated effort—so that you can fall into the boundless, liberating, refreshing grace of God!

Just imagine being love-driven instead of self-propelled. Imagine abandoning your life to Jesus instead of trying to save yourself. Can you imagine exchanging your fears for that peace that passes understanding? Being relaxed and free instead of stressed-out and anxious? If you can imagine enjoying God instead of trying to repay him, then you can imagine grace.

So go ahead! Jump off the cliff of self-sufficiency. Leap out of legalism. Walk off the pier of guilt and condemnation. That’s the only way you’ll land in the strong arms of the Father who loves you . . . the Father who catches you—every time—in the grip of his grace.

Religion & Spirituality
Rick Robertson
hr min
January 21
Thomas Nelson

Customer Reviews

Hawk em' DRE' ,

Great book, bad sound quality

I'm a big fan of Max Lucado and this book is just as good as some of his best. The only problem with this audiobook is the sound quality. You'll notice it after listening for the first 16 seconds. At times it’s really muffled and hard to make out. Sometimes the quality changes mid chapter from bad to good and then back to bad and it'll make you frustrated. I'm still pretty happy I bought the book, but its something to keep in mind.

unpocoloco ,

Love this book, hate this recording

Have read the printed version and believe this should be required reading for all believers. By all means, own a copy and read it annually at the very least.

This audio version is definitely substandard recording-wise. It sounds like they mastered the digital audio from the cassette version of this audiobook, rather than the original recording. Even if that recording is no longer available, there are a mulitude of software tools out there with which they can remove the hiss and restore recording quality. Someone was too ignorant or too cheap or too lazy to bother.

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