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The Montgomery Ink saga from New York Times best-selling author Carrie Ann Ryan continues with a steamy new series.

Years ago, Annabelle Montgomery married not for love but for a promise of hope. When she lost him weeks later, she told herself she never needed those sentiments again. Only when she discovers years later that her new neighbor is her late husband’s brother, Annabelle finds she can’t quite shake the emotions she’s long since buried.

Jacob Queen vowed he’d never set eyes on Annabelle again. When they’re forced into each other’s lives once more, they realize that no matter how far they run, no distance can keep them apart forever. More than ghosts lay between them, and when they finally give in to temptation, walking away whole may no longer be an option.

Emma Wilder, Aaron Shedlock
hr min
February 9
Carrie Ann Ryan

Customer Reviews

charlligirl ,

Quite the pair

Annabelle and Jacob are quite the pair. He hates her for marrying his brother and going on publicity tours to raise awareness about the disease he was dying from. He has no idea that his parents actually asked her to do that. So when he moves in next door to her, you know something's going to happen.

Jacob cannot reconcile his feelings for Annabelle. He hates her and yet deep down he's in love with her. How can that be possible? He moved his entire life back to his hometown to help take care of his parents and she is in his business constantly. She's his neighbor. She goes to Sunday dinner with his parents. Every time he turns around she's there.

When family strife hits, for both of them, they lean on each other.

Personally, I think Jacob needs an attitude adjustment and Annabelle needs more of a backbone. We will see how things change in future books hopefully.

I love Aaron Shedlock as Jacob. He has the right blend to pull off the attitude. And Emma Wilder is always on no matter who her male partner is. I love this duo. Hopefully we will hear more of them as a team.

ajmeyer1966 ,

Emotional Ride

This book will take you on a ride of all emotions! Loss, hate, sadness, second chances and ultimately love. Jacob and Annabelle become neighbors when Jacob moves back to take care of his parents. One problem, he hates Annabelle but is also attracted to her. When the truth comes out about the past his hatred seems to disappear and they embark on a no-strings-attached relationship. There are a lot of ups and downs with this arrangement but when real feelings take hold, can they both let go of the past to find their HEA?

Another great Montgomery story.