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From the author of the sensational New York Times bestseller The Thief Lord comes a thrilling new adventure about magic and self-discovery.

Meggie lives a quiet life alone with her father, a bookbinder. But her father has a deep secret--he possesses an extraordinary magical power. One day a mysterious stranger arrives who seems linked to her father's past. Who is this sinister character and what does he want? Suddenly Meggie is involved in a breathless game of escape and intrigue as her father's life is put in danger. Will she be able to save him in time?

Includes an excerpt from Inkspell, the sequel to Inkheart, read by Brendan Fraser.

Kids & Young Adults
Lynn Redgrave
hr min
October 14
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Customer Reviews

GaelicStormfan ,

Read the book...

Personally, I do not like the reader for this book. To really experience Inkheart properly, you must read the book itself. The story is enchanting and very VERY well written. This is a great book, and should not be read aloud...

Volstgalph ,

A Reading Raider's Favorite...

This book is a great fantasy that all readers would enjoy, and I believe this is one of the best books
a reading adventurer can wish for...

Max Ride (sorta =) ,

This is absolutely a 5 star book

This is one of my favorite books,that is a major thing because i've read ALOT of books.In some long books you lose interest after a while,but this book just keeps throwing a ton of twists and turns at you,so you never know what to expect next.I borrowed this book from a friend and I sort of stopped in the middle at a slow part in the book.She made me finish reading the rest because she said the best was still coming,she was right!The second half has non stop action.[not that the first half isn't interesting.] In the beginning you start asking alot of questions,like,who are these people?! Keep reading because its all cleared up by the end. This book is absolutely amazing,you really connect with the main character,Meggie.After reading this book you have to read the next book,Inkspell.It's as equally amazing,if not better than the first.If you want to escape your reality,this is definetly the way to do it :)

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