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Discover who you are, imagine who you could be, and achieve all the potential within you.

We are all only as good as the thoughts we think. What are you thinking? If you want to change your life, you have to change the way you think. Your mind is a steering wheel, and you can move it in any direction you desire.

Personal mentor and entrepreneur Mark Sephton challenges you to create the right environment and mental culture to tap into your creative genius. Inside Job is built on your capability to work on the way you think, act, and behave. Your beliefs about who you are determine your behavior. The way we think, our attitude and mindset toward ourselves, is an "inside job". Discovering your own identity and purpose is paramount to achieving extraordinary shifts in the way you live, develop, and advance. In this way, you can fully understand who you are and live out of your own identity.

As a society, we're only one thought away from a cure for AIDS and cancer. We must create an environment where we each intentionally strengthen our ability to harvest the thoughts that could bring liberation, breakthrough, and success - not just for ourselves, but for our communities and our world.

Sephton share's his personal story of struggle, setbacks, and challenges that have shaped the successful man he is today. Often in life, others want what you have, but few are willing to go through what you did in order to get it. Mark shares his story to encourage and liberate and, in the process, reveals stories that created mindset shifts, character building, and a mental culture that stimulated personal growth.

Inside Job encourages people to have the audacity not just to think and dream, but to act. Sephton shares countless groundbreaking methods and mindset shifts that have led to the turnaround of entrepreneurial businesses and their leaders through his professional life:

The ability to take a thought and put it into action
Be you; everyone else is taken
Jump in the driver's seat, and take the wheel
Life is a marathon, not a sprint
Breaks lead to breakthroughs
Small victories today will change the course of tomorrow
Turn adversity into advantage
We learn so much from mistakes - let's go make some more
Affect the environment in which you are planted

Mark William Sephton
hr min
December 23
Mark William Sephton

Customer Reviews

dpsmile ,

Thank you Mark Septon!

As a new entrepreneur I have no idea what to expect. Mark Septon provides the 'Cliff Notes' to life as an entrepreneur. This is not a book filled with boring theories heard over and over again or written like a textbook, Mark Septon gives you insight into his life story to let you know everything works out for the best.

As I've learned from Mark Septon and reading his insightful book is not a business journey but a life journey. This is a fast paced book will tell you YOUR story as entrepreneur through his life and experiences. His fairytale ending is yours as well. Great book! Would recommend a thousand times to a thousand people!

mkl0937 ,

A must-have for everyone!! Especially entrepreneurs!

I originally read #Insidejob last year and it was a pivotal step in the right direction for my personal and business development. I've never marked up a book so much before with highlighters and notes of everything that resonated with me! So of course when the new audio version was released, I downloaded it right away so I can "re-read" one of the best books I've ever read while driving, traveling, etc. Thank you Mark for making your inspiring and motivational story available to us in this convenient new format! Can't wait for you next book! :)