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A #1 national bestseller—“A yarn so packed with suspense, romance, literary reference, fascinating miscellaneous knowledge, and heart that only Stephen King could have written it. Marvelous—that is, full of marvels” (Booklist).

Since his wife died, Ralph Roberts has been having trouble sleeping. Each night he wakes up a bit earlier, until he’s barely sleeping at all. During his late night walks, he observes some strange things going on in Derry, Maine. He sees colored ribbons streaming from people’s heads, two strange little men wandering around town after dark, and more. He begins to suspect that these visions are something more than hallucinations brought on by lack of sleep.

There’s a definite mean streak running through this small New England city; underneath its ordinary surface awesome and terrifying forces are at work. The dying has been going on in Derry for a long, long time. Now Ralph is part of it…and lack of sleep is the least of his worries.

Returning to the same Maine town where It took place, a town that has haunted Stephen King for decades, Insomnia blends King’s trademark bone-chilling realism with supernatural terror to create yet another masterpiece of suspense.

Eli Wallach
hr min
January 1
Simon & Schuster Audio

Customer Reviews

LynneHeath ,

Ewwww Music!!!

I wish I was able to actually read this one because the frickin music is so awful and distracting there were times I had to stop listening for a while !!! Hideous!! Just hideous!!

Story is good! Notice I didn’t say great. As much as I love SK, even I found myself saying “c’mon already!” But in all fairness it may have been the horrid music. Because I actually read this book many years ago and I don’t remember feeling as if it dragged. And I remember it being a lot scarier. But again it may have just been the music irritating me so bad!!

Anyway, good stand alone story, however very much tied to the Dark Tower and should be read before starting the book The Wolves of Calla.

Jerred78 ,

Interesting story but a bit slow in parts.

Overall I very much enjoyed Insomnia. Anyone who has a few sleepless nights after reading this might start looking out the windows for their own little docs.

For me the characters were a high point. I enjoyed the character and the life of Ralph Roberts and I think Eli Wallach was an excellent choice as narrator. His voice with the actions described in the text painted an excellent picture of who Ralph was. The other characters were well done too.

I’ve read that others didn’t like the music in certain sections of the story. I didn’t mind it and didn’t think it took me out of the story. If anything I think it added to the feeling of being off center which is exactly what Ralph or later Ralph and Lois were experiencing.

If there was anything that didn’t work for me it was the pacing in some sections. I listen to these audio books while I walk and there were some sections where I would walk for an hour and at the end of the session the characters had not really progressed much at all. I expect this if I am only listening for 15 or 20 minutes but after an hour or an hour plus and I can’t really see a progression in that time then the story is moving too slow.

Overall I give Insomnia a B+. I enjoyed the characters and the narration just had some occasional issues with the pacing.

Barbara2010qw ,


I spent 30.00 for this book; it was a splurge for me. It was wonderful except for the indiscriminate sound effects thrown in. There was no reason for them and they were highly distracting. Why would anyone think that twangy guitar notes could add to Eli Wallace’s voice?

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