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Receiving unwanted attention after foiling an armed robbery, the unhuman Inspector Hobbes takes a long-overdue camping holiday, with Andy, his accident-prone friend, and Dregs, the delinquent dog. In the bleak and dangerous Blacker Mountains, Andy stumbles across something shocking, before falling for an attractive widow, while Hobbes wonders why an old gold mine has reopened. On their return to the sleepy Cotswold town of Sorenchester, Hobbes is dumbfounded when Kathy, a reminder of his hippy days, turns up on the doorstep with her baggage. Since Hobbes has to solve a gold robbery and contemplate some perfectly ordinary rocks, Andy must entertain Kathy while trying to protect his new love from a monstrous opponent working for the sinister Sir Gerald Payne. Despite his usual blunderings and an inability to throw straight, Andy displays genuine courage. Can Andy survive dinner with a vampire? Can Hobbes recover the gold? And what is Kathy's relationship to Hobbes? This, the third in Wilkie Martin's unhuman series of fast-paced comedy crime fantasies will reveal all.    

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Tim Campbell
hr min
December 1
The Witcherley Book Company

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Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious and Quirky!!!

Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious and Quirky!!!  Hobbes and Andy are at it again!  Hobbes takes a vacation to the Blacker Mountains and Andy goes with him – they are going to rough it … and of course, poor Andy finds himself smack dab in the middle of a murder case, falling for a smart and beautiful widow, dinner with a vampire, and struggling to maintain his space in Hobbes’ home!

Hobbes is investigating a series of bank robberies, a reopened gold mine, ducking reporters, and dealing with Kathy, his alleged daughter who hails from America.  All the while, Hobbes keeps order and keeps Andy from getting hurt too badly!

The fun and action are non-stop.  One cannot help but love the slapstick humor of Andy and the puns of Hobbes. Andy’s growth in this book is far more than previous ones; one thing is certain – he is loyal and cares greatly for Hobbes, Mrs. Goodfellows, and Dregs.

Wilkie Martin delivers yet another delightful book of puns, crazy slapstick humor, and new interesting and dangerous characters! Each book is better than the last, new twists and character growth.  I enjoyed the first book and the second one as well but this one is even funnier and more dangerous for Andy and Hobbes than any of the others.  I also find that Sid, the Vampire Banker is downright lovable!

Tim Campbell’s performance is spot on!  Each character has their own voice and personality that shines due to Campbell’s amazing talent.  Campbell becomes each character, reflecting them and their personality accurately throughout the book.  Love to hear him perform the Hobbes series.  I cannot imagine another voice as Andy or Hobbes!  This was a great listen - it has everything, fun, mystery, intrigue, romance and of course unhumans!

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