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Book 4:  Unforgettable Curves

An older tattooed alpha male and strong curvy woman romance

In this will-they-or-won’t-they insta-love romance, you’ll be taken on a wild journey as these two strong personalities are drawn to one another. 

Tattoo artist and former playboy, Tommy, knows exactly what he wants out of life. And when he meets the new owner of the local bakery, June, he knows he wants her. But things don’t always go according to plan... 


She also seemed different to the women who I met at the tattoo parlor. For starters, she didn’t have a single tattoo. She also had this quiet determination about her, like she knew what she wanted out of life. I liked that. Then again, I’d never even walked into the bakery, so I was just imagining all this about her. 


I went back behind the counter to drink mine and as I did that, I saw the tattoo artist from down the road walk past. I watched him for a few seconds until I saw him look through the shop window and then I made sure to stare anywhere but at him. There was something about him that made me want to walk outside and introduce myself.

There are no cliffhangers and there is a guaranteed HEA in this standalone story.

Book 5:  Undeniable Attraction

A tattooed alpha male and strong curvy woman romance

From the moment apprenticing tattoo artist Pete meets Megan, he knows she’s someone truly special. And Megan couldn’t think of anyone she’d rather be with than Pete. But will the two lovebirds be able to escape Megan’s dark past?


That smile could have ended wars, I swear it. I’d never seen anyone as unintentionally cool as Megan. She was wearing very little makeup, but she didn’t need it. And she was wearing a simple white T-shirt and a brown leather jacket. Everything about her was beautiful, from her eyes and smile to the way she said her own name.


I’d already met Tommy, but his friend, Pete, introduced himself. He was kind of handsome in a sort of tall and lanky way. But the way he was looking at me was sort of sweet. I smiled up at him and he smiled back with this really cute lopsided grin. It was hard not to like someone with a face like that.  

In this truly sweet insta-love story, you’ll follow Megan and Pete as they fall in love and deal with a past that Megan can’t control. There are no cliffhangers and there is a guaranteed HEA in this standalone story.

Book 6:  Curves on Fire

An Older Alpha Firefighter and Curvy Woman Romance 

When Alice’s kitchen catches on fire, she’s rescued by a gorgeous firefighter named Sean. He’s older than her, but love doesn’t care about numbers. Sean runs into burning buildings for a living, but is he brave enough to love the feisty, curvy and funny Alice?


Throughout my long career, I’d saved many people...but I’d never thought about any of them while I was in the shower. There was something about her that made me want to get to know her. But maybe Todd was right, perhaps she was too young for me. She was definitely still in her 20s. 


I watched the gorgeous firefighter walk away. I couldn’t help it, even in my loopy state, I was staring. He’d been so nice to me, I couldn’t help but like him. Of course, I knew that he was just doing his job. I was pretty confident in my curvy body, but he was a perfect 10 out of 10 and there was no way he’d be interested in me. 

Brenda G. Brown, Natalie May for HotGhost Productions, Chantelle Theocharidis for HotGhost Productions
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March 13
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