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So you want to be funny...or funnier?

Let's face it, funny people are fun people. The more funny you are, the more fun you have. And who doesn't want to have fun? Not just girls, but everybody. (Sorry Cyndi Lauper.)

Goes without saying, people love to be around funny fun people who know how to have a good time and make others laugh. Why?

Laughter is the best medicine in the world that can make worries go away.
Laughter is the ultimate euphoric feeling that can lift the human spirit.
Laughter is the positive viral effect that can contagiously spread happiness.
Laughter is the lubricant that can ease tensions and solve problems.
Laughter is the universal glue that can unite people to all come together.

Simply put, if you can make people laugh, they'll love you for it! That can open many doors for you in relationships, jobs, and even getting out of trouble. :)

We are constantly told you're either born with a funny bone or not. After all, being funny is utilizing your creativity with your own view of the world of what's widely accepted notion of the truth, or challenging those beliefs disguised in humor. It's all a personalized creative-involved endeavor; it's not like there is a technical step-by-step blueprint to follow into the working madness of the mind of the funniest man in the world, unlike fixing a car, right?

Not so fast grasshopper! Comedy is more formulaic than you may think (i.e., buildup, anticipation, tension, and release). There are structural elements to guide the creative process to being funny. Most people who are funny already have some forms of subconscious structures they follow without realizing, to generate jokes and come up with their materials, after using them for so long. It's called "a sense of humor&q

The INSTANT-Series
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June 9
Instant Series Publication

Customer Reviews

amethyst_rabbit ,

Quick life lesson

When I usually read books I like to sit down and just read, however I was running short on time. So I decided to turn to audiobooks so I could listen to it as I moved around in my day. As I was looking through the audiobooks I found is one about instant humor and thought that even though I am a kind of funny guy I could improve.

One of the things that first noticed about the book was that it started out first defining humor and why it was a trait that was good to have. As the book defined what humor is, it gave the big picture of what humor is and then moved on to refine the picture into smaller pieces that were easier to understand.

Then once the foundation was laid it started to begin building the support beams for the rest of the structure. With each support beam a reason for its importance was given. Along with those support beams there were practice exercises given to help sure there was a good connection.

This audiobook was laid out in such a manner that it was easy to listen to and follow the things that were being said. It gave the whole picture so an end result could be seen. Then started breaking down that big picture into smaller pieces that a clear understanding could to be formed. Then put those smaller pieces into action with practice exercises that explained how to put those ideas into everyday life.

Jjbinkssss ,

Short not very helpful

This book talks more about math than how to make jokes. Essentially, be imaginative, don’t be pc, be random af. Short book for the price.

%%Hannah%%Belle%% ,

Introduction to structuring humor

I liked "Instant Humor" because I'm pretty shy and I want to learn ways to break the ice! This book helped me learn how to formulate jokes in an effective, natural way. Making people laugh helps them relax and I think this will help me in my teaching. There aren't any characters in this story but the book is written in a way that's easy to follow. Very user friendly. This is a relatively short book so it's easy to listen to in one sitting. I listened to it while I was driving to work. There are parts I'd like to review, of course, to get more out of it.

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