Instant Study Skills: How to Study Instantly!: Instant Series (Unabridged‪)‬

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The Instant Series presents Instant Study Skills: How to Study Instantly!

It's late at night. You're staring at the vast amount of texts that you're trying to wrap your head around. There are 10 different chapters you have to get though for two of your exams, and you have to write a term paper on top of that.

The clock is ticking. With less than eight hours left to study things you should have started weeks prior - eight hours that should be used for sleeping - you're now burning the midnight oil. As you take another sip of coffee, you feel the pressure and stress of the monstrous workload. Being tired, overwhelmed, and with time feel like throwing in the towel.

Should you? Of course not! If you give up now...what does that say about how your life will go when the going gets tough? That's certainly not how you want to live life.

What should you do? How about changing how you study? Start studying smarter, not harder, and especially not longer.

It doesn't matter if it's for school, for work, or for other reasons...we all need to study to get by. The sad part is that most people are doing it ineffectively, taking up more time than necessary. That's why they get behind or overwhelmed.

That's where effective study skills come in. Within Instant Study Skills you will learn:

How to study using micromental repetitions and how to use interlinking techniques to make the material manageable and memorable.
How to speed run through your studies when you're crutched for time, so you take in only the necessary, crucial stuff.
How to associate images with information. When you can't recall what you've studied, trigger your memory with images to get over the information gap.
How to involve your physical self in your studying. Use full-body studying to fully engage and study longer.

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June 10
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