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Interior Design Made Easy.
This book takes you through remodelling and redecorating your house, as well as the logistics that might be involved in these. The ideas are many, and you only need to reach out your imagination to find the right design for you.

In my book, Interior Design Made Easy, you'll learn:

The difference between remodelling and redecorating, and how to decide which one you need.
How to decide exactly what you need (or want) to do with your home.
The essentials of planning, designing and budgeting your project.
The basic elements of design and how using them can change the look of your entire home.
The basics of getting started - and how to know where to start even if your home is a total mess.
The difference between remodelling and redecorating…and why knowing the difference can save you money.
What the "3 Rs" have to do with your home... and why you must decide this right up front.
Using the "designer's secret" for making a smart plan for your project.
Getting into the business side of your project. How to hire & fire contractors, get the best rates, and be certain of the quality of work you're getting.
Working with walls. What to do before you work on walls... the secrets of paint that pops... the methods of wallpaper that sticks... and tips on treatments.
Floors to die for. The savvy flooring guide to carpets, rugs, woods and other floor coverings.
Learn To Love Lighting - Nothing has as much impact on the look of your home as the lighting you choose. We'll cover all the basics of Natural light, artificial lighting, and windows.
The Details of Decor, and Dabbling in Decorating. Learn the secrets of carefully using pictures, flowers, tables and other decor elements.
Beauty on a Budget. When money is tight, use these decorating and design ideas that make a budget look like you spent thousands.

Think about what your life will be like when you know these decorating secrets (along with others I reveal in this one-of-a-kind book). Take advantage of the experience and knowledge I've put into this simple book!

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July 15

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