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Intermittent Fasting: The Guide to the Fast Diet for Weight Loss introduces the listener to one of the more effective ways that they can use to lose the excess weight that they have gained. It can be pretty hard to lose weight as a lot of the diets that are being marketed really do not work for the long term. Persons also do not understand how to fast properly. This audiobook explains how it should be done and outlines the foods that can be consumed when there is a break on the fast.

Mandy Mahan
hr min
August 22
Speedy Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

martinsuchy ,

Horrible horribleness!

While this book makes a few good points, such as importance of sleep and hydration, advice given in this book is generally garbage. Packing on protein, especially animal-derived protein, reduces human health & longevity. Read the China Study by Dr. Campbell. No other nutrition book is more extensive or comprehensive. You have to be selective in the foods you eat if you want sustainable weight loss & improve your health.

While IF has its benefits, the Feast & Famine Diet is too complicated; counting calories is complicated; total water-only IF for 12 to 24 hrs is much easier & gets you the same results as Feast & Famine. Moreover, any addiction, including addiction to stevia, is unhealthy!

This IF book by Stacie Williams is a copy of the Power of IF by Gary Hatfield. I'm not 100% sure who copied whom, but I believe Stacie Williams copied Gary Hatfield as there’s one reference in her text made from a male perspective.

Stacie Williams’ text is narrated by a computer called Mandy that cannot even pronounce IF; it’s a torture to listen to this horribleness!

If you want an intro to the IF, the IF 101 by Peter Paulson or IF by Valerie Childs are a bit better options. However, you cannot eat processed foods to maintain health! The actual foods you eat have more impact on your health than timing or calories. Read End of Dieting by Dr. Joel Fuhrman before you read/listen to any other diet book, including IF books. No other author explains sustainable weight-loss and impact of food on your health better!

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