Interracial Lesbians and Dominant Wife Stories (Unabridged) Interracial Lesbians and Dominant Wife Stories (Unabridged)

Interracial Lesbians and Dominant Wife Stories (Unabridged‪)‬

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1. "Jo Serves Brenda After the Bar": While out one night Jo saw a really sexy black woman sitting at the bar. She had long black hair and really long sexy legs. Although she was sitting down, Jo could see she was a tall lady and Jo liked that. Jo smiled at the woman and she smiled back so Jo approached her.

2. "Sammy Tricks Sophia": "Oh please, Sammy, you won't say anything to my husband will you?" Sophia asked in a begging way. "Maybe I will; maybe I won't," Sammy replied, smiling at Sophia. Sammy walked slowly toward Sophia looking her directly in the eyes, and when she got close enough she put her lips to Brenda's, she kissed her.

3. "She Punishes Her Cheating Husband": Jacob tugged on the restraints, but they wouldn't budge. His wife Tina stood at the foot of the bed looking over him, smiling smugly. In a dirty fantasy, this might have been the dream scenario; his wife and another woman tying him to the bed and exploiting him until he begged for sweet mercy, but this wasn't a fantasy. This was real life and it was happening after his wife had caught him fooling around with another woman.

4. "Jenna Makes Her Husband Serve a Shemale": The blonde had now begun to recover from being caught and sat up in the bed. She reached for her shirt that was lying on the floor and put it on. "Well, I better go, now, Stevie," she said, tossing her long bleached hair back from her face. "I can see that you've got some things to talk about." Jenna stared at the woman in outrage. "Stevie, I hope that you didn't pay her too much. She looks a bit on the used side to me," Jenna said tartly. "Pay me?" the blonde shouted. "Lady, who the hell do you think you are?" "I think I am the wife of the man that you were just playing with as well as the owner of this home," Jenna shouted back. "Stephen, seriously, what were you thinking? We will have to burn the bed and everything else that this piece of garbage has infected. Of course, I would also advise you to see your doctor, too. God only knows what you could have caught. You brought her into our house and into our bed!" "Look, lady, if you say one more thing about me like that - " the blonde yelled. "You'll do what, you little whore?" Jenna returned fire. "You're lucky that I don't just shoot you and claim you were an intruder. Get the hell out of my bed and out of my house. I'll send Stephen along to you once he has disinfected the house and I am done with him."

K. Krutz
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May 7
Vincent Stead

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