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Mike reunites with his wife and his friend, Paul, aboard the Guardian only to find that things have gone from bleak to hellish on Earth. Rampaging hordes of Genogerians plague the planet, as does an invasion from Progerians hell-bent on knuckling under the will of man through their relentless assault. Yet this may not be the worst of it, as an insidious "ally" has lent their support. At what cost can a planet on the brink come back from such desperate odds?

Can Mike and those around him keep things from getting worse while also not tearing each other apart?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Sean Runnette
hr min
May 19
Podium Audio

Customer Reviews

AudioBookReviewer.com ,

This take on alien invasion is one of the best I have read in a long, long time.

Mike, Tracy and BT survived the nuke. Now they are faced with a new and totally different threat. Another alien species, The Strivers, have landed on Earth. They are horrible looking creatures and they are telepathic. It seems that the Strivers hate the Progerians and want to totally destroy them. Then they want earth for themselves. They communicate with humans on a different wave length then among themselves.

What these creatures do not know is that somehow Mike can hear them when they communicate with each other. He keeps this ability a secret. This new “friends” will help find the Guardian and repair the damaged ship. Are these creatures to be trusted? Would you trust something that made your skin crawl and your stomach churn? You wouldn’t, good call.

Once the ship is repaired they get ready to “buckle”. Mike, Tracey and BT wait in a shuttle. They are ready to depart the Guardian as soon as it is back in home space. The rest you will have to read for yourselves. I am not going to spoil this adventure for you.

I read a lot and listen to even more. This take on alien invasion is one of the best I have read in a long, long time. It has everything anyone could want and more. Two different species of aliens. One with multiple levels. Then we have a human Hero who somehow manages to come out ahead when he should be dead. Of course, he has enemies. His ex-girlfriend for one. He also has a problem with “foot in mouth” syndrome. Just can’t keep his mouth and brain on the same wave length. Makes for a chuckle in the middle of a deadly situation. How does Mark come up with this stuff? It’s great.

I really like the way Sean tells this story. He gets into the characters and brings them to life doing a splendid job.

Production is excellent, as usual. Never a problem with the sound. Voice is clear without any static or background noise. Great job.

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