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When your mate is a Kordolian General who's betrayed the most vicious Empire in the Universe, things tend to get a little heavy from time to time. For the last six months, Tarak's had to divide his time between Earth and space, dealing with various ... problems.

But he's home now, and he tells me he's not going anywhere.

That's good news, because our baby's on the way, and I'm dying to get out of this boring, stifling limbo they call the Diplomatic Zone.


Now that Earth is surrounded by my warships and the Kordolian Empire has been held at bay, I can give my full, undivided attention to my mate.

Pregnancy has made Abbey even more beautiful, and I am in awe of the growing life she carries inside her.

But I must be ever-vigilant, because the shadow of the Empire lingers, and I must protect what is mine, at all costs.

Contains mature themes.

Jillian Macie
hr min
October 24
Tantor Audio

Customer Reviews

Boundless Book Reviews ,

Too much sex, but a good story

After what seems like forever I have finally made my way back to Dark Planet Warriors. Book 3 Into the Light is the culmination of Abby and Tarak’s story.
Abby is very pregnant and finally back on earth with her alien mate Tarak who is doing what he can to fit in. Which is a stretch to say the least. Tarak is tired of playing games with the humans, and all he wants to do is protect his mate and future offspring. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned.

This is one of those books that I enjoyed the story, but I felt there was just too much sex. I know shocker that I would say that. I skipped the majority of those scenes because I didn’t think that they added to the story and I honestly wasn’t in the mood for them.

Overall Into the Light has excellent characters and fantastic world building that sets the stage for many more books in the series. It is fast paced, action packed and fun read for those who love the Science Fiction Romance genre.

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