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“Gerald, as a kid you would sit there with your toys for hours. You didn’t care for anything else when you were in your own world”, my mom reminded me in a recent conversation.

It's true - ever since I could remember I was an introvert. 

As an only child, I used to get a lot of attention from family. Yet, despite this attention, ever since I can remember, I preferred solitude. Solitude was a liberating and relaxing place from which I could be myself and freely explore the things in life. People and friends were nice too. But there was nothing like solitude.

However, as I grew older, I began to feel a divergence between what I liked and was comfortable with, and others' expectations of me. I felt continuously out of place in the social environments I was pushed into. Through time, introversion became an inadequate trait to have in a world seemingly made for extroverts.

Perhaps you too have felt this. I've talked with many introverts whose need to be confident and assertive outwardly have pushed them into studies or careers that never suited them at all. Many of us have lost connection with a trait that made us special. 

I have great news for you.

In my study of introversion, I have come across a great discovery: there is boundless power of learning, connection, leadership, and introspection behind every introvert. I truly believe that if we, as introverts, truly understood the capacity and potential we have, we would not feel left out at all. There is tremendous power within each one of us - let’s not permit society to tell us otherwise.

In this book we will:

Debunk many myths associated with introversion, e.g. why introversion and shyness are unrelated
Regain our power as introverts through acceptance
Learn why the greatest moments of inspiration in human history have occurred with introversion
Discover why introverts make great friends and even greater lovers
Explore why it is that the best entrepreneurs in America are introverts (do Bill Gates and Elon Musk ring a bell?)
Delve heavily into self-actualization through our newfound introvert abilities

Dear introvert or extrovert, I invite you to listen to this book. 

Kelly Libatique
hr min
January 31
Gerald Confienza