Inventor Confidential

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The road to licensing a profitable, innovative product or technology is riddled with curves, holes, and rocky cliffs. The President of the United Inventors Association shows inventors, innovators, and makers a better path towards monetizing your creations and how to avoid the get-rich-quick scammers.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of eager inventors around the globe spend millions of dollars seeking assistance from inventor service companies and individuals claiming to be experts in the innovation and licensing fields, though their actual success rates are poor in relation to the dollar amounts they charge.

The reality is, according to Inventors’ Digest™, while 78% of new inventors believe they will make over a million dollars with their inventions, less than 1% actually do. Marketers prey on this scenario for their own financial gain.

In Inventor Confidential, inventor advocate Warren Tuttle tips the odds back in the investor’s favor, helping them:
Gain a much broader picture of the many current challenges that inventors face these days.Understand the red flags to watch out for when individuals or companies charge up front for their coaching or help-to-market services.See how inventors can improve their odds of licensing success by following a thorough product development protocol, creating working prototypes, and filing U.S. patents.Get the insider perspective on how companies determine the quality of a product submission and if they want to work with the inventor.Learn the 30 steps to market if you want to go it alone.
For anyone who has a great idea or invention and wants to monetize it but are not sure who to trust, Inventor Confidential will show them where to best spend their hard-earned money to maximize their odds for success.

Warren Tuttle
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March 23
HarperCollins Leadership