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Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best novels of all time

Ralph Elllison's Invisible Man is a monumental novel, one that can well be called an epic of modern American Negro life. It is a strange story, in which many extraordinary things happen, some of them shocking and brutal, some of them pitiful and touching--yet always with elements of comedy and irony and burlesque that appear in unexpected places. It is a book that has a great deal to say and which is destined to have a great deal said about it.

After a brief prologue, the story begins with a terrifying experience of the hero's high school days, moves quickly to the campus of a Southern Negro college and then to New York's Harlem, where most of the action takes place. The many people that the hero meets in the course of his wanderings are remarkably various, complex and significant. With them he becomes involved in an amazing series of adventures, in which he is sometimes befriended but more often deceived and betrayed--as much by himself and his own illusions as by the duplicity of the blindness of others.

Invisible Man is not only a great triumph of storytelling and characterization; it is a profound and uncompromising interpretation of the Negro's anomalous position in American society.

Joe Morton
hr min
December 21
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

I'm sayin' ,

This is not an audiobook...

This is a One Man Show! Fantastic! The narrator here should be nominated for whatever the audiobook equivalent of an Oscar is. This may actually be an instance where listening to the audiobook is better than reading it yourself. I would highly recommend.

Father of Young Men ,

Highest Quality I have found

The narrator, Joe Morton, does not 'read' the material...he 'performed' the material... His peformance greatly enhanced the already high quality material within the Invisible Man. The action will hold the attention of most ADD teenagers of today while providing insight to struggles 'within' our own race and potentially provoking a few thoughts of wisdom. The work is an absolute experience. I purchased the CD's several years ago for myself, and now gifted Itunes version to my college bound son as my most favorite audiobook. This is a great read... I hope you enjoy...

sam56 ,


The narrator is amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed listening; he is able to modify his voice to accommodate various characters, moods and settings in a way that is fit for Broadway. Honestly, worth the price and definitely a powerful way to engage this amazing literary work.

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