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How To Get Rid of Irritability and Anger Without Pissing Anyone Off

Stress and Anger Expert Doc Orman, M.D. Shares His Secrets To Curing Anger

If you want to be happier, healthier and more peaceful, this audiobook is for you! You will learn:

How To Eliminate Anger Before It Eliminates You

Dr. Mort Orman has been studying irritability and the impact of anger on your health, success and life for years. In his research, he found a proven strategy that works for getting rid of anger and irritability fast, without drugs or medications.

One Simple Process For Turning Negative Thoughts Into Fuel For Growth

When you eliminate negative thoughts and energy from your life, you'll feel a sense of calm an inner peace like you've never felt before. But this is the power of negative thinking - when you turn your negative thoughts around, you actually create more energy and power that moves you into the direction you want to go in your life faster than you've ever moved before.

Why Going For Happiness Is The Quickest Path To What You Want

So often in life we try to be right instead of being happy. We argue to protect our viewpoint when we could just as easily let the argument go and be happy. Learn how to reprogram your mind and subconscious habits and never have another unnecessary argument again!

Matt Stone
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February 13
TCK Publishing

Customer Reviews

En12Vivo34 ,

good read

I liked the book, but the problem is that the recommendations that Doc Orman gives there are largely theoretical. This is so strange: You read that research studies show significant success rate, but when you try these proven scientific methods, you notice very little result. Although, maybe it's just me. In any case, if you like reading about psychology, then you'll probably enjoy this short book, but if you're looking for something practical and different, then you'll most likely find helpful Secret Techniques for Controlling Sadness, Anger, Fear, Anxiety, and Other Emotions by Vlad Koros.

mammameff ,

Don’t waste your $7.00

Dr. Orman is not a licensed therapist and this “book” is filled with his conservative political views which is very shocking for a self-help guide.
Regret buying this.

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