Island Reveal (The Island Escape Series, Book 3‪)‬

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This is an Apple Books audiobook narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator.
Police Chief Hatches Risky Plan to Solve Murder of Island's Eccentric Treasure Hunter in Island Reveal, a Romantic Suspense from R.T. Wolfe

--Present Day, Ibis Island--

Lead sea turtle conservationist, Raine Clearwater, emerges from the foamy ocean water wearing a bridesmaid dress and with a distressed sea turtle in tow. Fresh from her sister's wedding, she's greeted by the new interim police chief, Matt Osborne. He might look incredible in his wedding reception clothes and even more so when in uniform, but with her bad history with island law enforcement she would gladly dismiss him were it not for the sea turtle needing transport to the aquatic animal hospital. She lets him pass with a jab about not solving her brother's murder, then reluctantly accepts his help with the ailing turtle.

New to the island, Matt Osborne is formerly a big city detective now looking to find a place to call home. But to be successful, he must learn to work with the ever-contentious, and beautiful, Raine Clearwater.

With one of his suspects found dead, and few leads, Matt knows he must step up his game. When he sets a trap with Raine as bait, his risky plan goes haywire as he realizes his ultimate goal isn't turtles or solving the case or even his job, but keeping Raine safe and in his arms.

Publisher's Note: Known for her intricate plot development and depth of characters, R.T. Wolfe brings loveable characters—and even sea turtles—to life in her fictitious island setting. This sweet and lively romance will be enjoyed by readers 13+ years.

"I love romance books and cut my teeth on Nora Roberts. I can honestly say that this author can compare well as far as keeping the reader hooked on the story from the start, as well as giving just the right amount of detail of the characters that your imagination can fill in the blanks." ~Paw Prints Promotions

"R.T. has out done herself with this series." ~Danny and Debbie Scott

The Island Escape Series
Island Secrets
Island Pursuit
Island Reveal

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